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* Ratkaisu käytössä

Kirjoitettu 21.05.2014 - Amina. Kategoriassa Rakkaat siskot.

– Ms. Minister, what are you gonna do to slow down the effects of climate change?
– Diminishing social benefits and increasing economic inequality.

– And how is it going to help?
– The freezing social atmosphere cools the environment as well.

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* Rakkauden, rauhan ja muun hyvän puolesta

Kirjoitettu 19.05.2014 - Amina. Kategoriassa Rakkaat siskot.

– Awesome that Europe voted for peace, love and queerness!
– And now you get the chance to vote again!

– What’s this?
– Some kind of elections?
– Elections for European Parilament!

– Some politics??
– Meh, I’m not interested.

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* Kirjastossa kaiken päivää (ja yötä)

Kirjoitettu 18.05.2014 - Amina. Kategoriassa Rakkaat siskot.

– Do you remember when we were kids that we could stay in library over night?
– Yeah, and read all interesting stuff all night long.

– And now we do it in the net every night!
– We couldn’t even imagine this in the 80’s.

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* Työnsä kullakin

Kirjoitettu 18.03.2014 - Amina. Kategoriassa Rakkaat siskot.

1. I’m so fat and ugly!
2. Wait a minute! I didn’t say that!
3. I’m so fat and ugly!
4. I’m so fat and ugly! Sorry, this is just my job.

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* Kiltti ja hyväuskoinen

Kirjoitettu 18.04.2007 - Amina. Kategoriassa Rakkaat siskot.


The Second Law of Thermodynamics

2. – I’ve been away only couple of days and what a mess! Why can’t you keep this place nice and tidy?
– Because of fhe second law of thermodynamics. 
3. – Entropy of the system tends to increase over time.
– There’s no use to fight against the physical laws.

4. – It’s easier to find your stuff when you can see it all. – I’m quite unaware of my environment while I’m consentrated in abstract issues. 5. – I’m just tired on cleaning up after you. – From now on, we’ll keep our stuff in order. 6. – Oh, he’s sp sweet and credulous.

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* Vaimoa vailla

Kirjoitettu 12.03.2007 - Amina. Kategoriassa Rakkaat siskot.

 I Need a Wife

1. – Nobody loves me.
2. – We love you.
– I’d like to have a wife and kids…
3. – I must go to work now, I just remembered.
– Oh, I must have left the stove on at home! 

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* Onnellinen kotimies

Kirjoitettu 20.02.2007 - Amina. Kategoriassa Rakkaat siskot.

Happy Man at Home

1. You’re such a loser!
2. Those two women toss you as they like.
3. Yeah, and I’ve never been happier! 
4. Damn, I should find a rich lady for myself too. 

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